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Field of entertainment is extremely increasing these days. There are many online video streaming apps where you can watch and download latest released movies and TV shows. Mobdro app is one among the apps which allow you to stream online videos, movies, sports, and TV shows.


It is a free application which included lots of genres on its contents including, BBC, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet and more. The latest updated version of this free streaming app is just amazing offering you lots of advanced features to go with, including features like capture, discover, and bookmark also shares option where you can share your desire videos and movies worldwide.


Mobdro App – Everything You Need to Know..?


Using free online streaming apps which offer amazing features and easily functionality is always a pleasure. Mobdro comes with friendly interface functionality, making it easy even for the beginner to use. It has got an easy downloading and installing process, where you download it on your Smartphones without spending much time on it.


Today in this post I will basically let you know how to download Mobdro App Apk file on your Android device. So would not you like to download this online streaming application, for watching and downloading videos, movies and TV series for free? If yes, then read the below-written content, to know about the downloading process of this app.


Features of Mobdro App Free Online Streaming App?



MobDro App for Windows, Laptop, Android (All Version), Iphone/Ipad, Kodi

MobDro App for Windows, Laptop, Android (All Version), Iphone/Ipad, Kodi


Let me let you know about the features of Mobdro App free online streaming app, before jumping to the downloading process of its Apk file.

Mobdro App being priceless app offers you lots of advanced features that can satisfy you using it, for watching and downloading online videos on your Android device or Android Smartphones. Check out the features of this free online streaming app below.


 It is totally a free online streaming app, offering you lots of TV Shows, movies as well as Sports content to watch without paying for it.

It supports HD quality pictures where you can watch movies and TV shows in a standard quality image, with more suitable and attractable colors.


This free online streaming app will allow you to stream watch and download continuously in a smoothening manner.

It also has a sharing option so that you can share your favorite videos and movies with your friends, family as well as worldwide.


 Mobdro App online streaming app for Android device supports ChromeCast and features a simple option for friendly interface users. Making easy for even the beginners in use it.

The latest updated version of this online streaming app offers its users advanced features like capture, discover and bookmark.

Mobdro app is totally free from advertisement.


 There are many movie streaming sites now that lets you to watch some free movies on your Smartphone, Tablets, Windows PC, Mac, Laptop, etc.

Mobdro is one of the best streaming sites where you can watch videos, movies and TV show easily without any cost.

So, to get Mobdro App for PC, you must first download this app on your PC. In this post, I will give a full description of Mobdro for PC and its beneficial features. Keep reading this post ahead to for knowing the latest updates of Mobdro.


How to Download & Install Mobdro App for PC/laptop on Windows:


For downloading Mobdro App for PC, you will need an Android emulator that will help you download the app successfully. There are many Android emulators that you can use for the downloading of Mobdro App for PC.

However, I would like to recommend you to get the best emulator “BlueStacks” for the purpose. So, here are some of the steps that you have to go through for Download Mobdro App for PC.


  • First of all, download and install “BlueStacks” on your Windows PC successfully. You can download from here After the emulator is successfully installed on your Windows operating system, just launch it from your PC.
  • You will find a search bar within this BlueStacks emulator, just type “Mobdro Apk” and hit “Enter.”
  • Now you will find the list of result appears on your computer screen, tab the right one which you are looking for.
  • You will find the description of the app, just read to know more about its functioning.
  • You will find a downloading option on the corner of the page, tap on it and start downloading the app successfully on your device.
  • After the downloading gets completed, you will find it appear as an icon on your Windows screen.
  • Open the app, and you will be required to enter your details for getting access to the app, just follow as asked.
  • After completion, you can now enjoy the app, search for your favorite TV shows, movies and videos within the app.
  • For downloading some of your favorite movies and TV programs, go to premium version and start downloading  

Features of Mobdro App for PC:



MobDro App for Windows, Laptop, Android (All Version), Iphone/Ipad, Kodi

MobDro App for Windows, Laptop, Android (All Version), Iphone/Ipad, Kodi


The Mobdro is one of the most trending streaming sites which have many good features in it. So, before downloading Mobdro app on your PC, knowing its features is a must.


Mentioned below are some of the stunning features of Mobdro for PC:


  •  You can watch free videos and TV shows online without any cost.

  • The movies are distributed and listed in a genre wise which makes the searching easier.
  • The user interface is very good which helps in easy navigation of the app.

  • You can also download your favorite TV programs, videos and movies on premium, to watch them later offline.
  • This app also provides you with sharing features, and you can instantly share the videos you are streaming in a click.
  • This app has a sleep timer option that you can use while watching any of your favorite shows.
  • You can also watch your favorite movies, TV shows on a bigger screen using Chromecast.
  • Latest updated videos are available on this site, and you can access to this videos from anywhere having an internet connection
  • You can edit the resolution and size of the files and download it accordingly on your device.


Download Mobdro App Premium Apk and Android Apk free


Mobdro app follows a unique method that constantly searches for the best video, film, live streams on the web and makes them available on smartphones or tablets.

It is available for both paid and free users if you can’t offer money then don’t worry we can use its free version.


 The Mobdro Premium apk has extra features such as it completely Ad free, Chromecast support, Sleep Timer, and few upcoming features called Cloud share integration and Live events.

If you are new to this app then here is my another guide on how to setup Mobdro online tv for chromecast to play HD movies on bid screen.


Download Mobdro APK for both Premium and Free Versions


Watching Movies online without sign up on Android devices is very big deal but Mobdro enables users to watch best video streams. In old days, the cable subscription is looking very bad deal and now there are plenty of ways enjoy stuff online. These are the day’s people are wants to have streamed, not televised.


There are few other apps available which offer video streaming on android such as Amazon prime Instant Video, Crunchy roll, Disney Movies Anywhere, Google Play Movies & TV, HBO Now, MovieBox, ShowBox, PlayBox. These apps are unique to each other but few may cost and few free.


To download Mobdro, please do follow the detailed instructions below and if you have another iOS gadgets then download Mobdro for iPhone, if not the case then skip it. There are too many apps like Mobdro but its finest features will make it separate from the other apps.

 It got huge popularity within a span of time due to its extraordinary functionalities. Today’s in both digital media and people has got a huge demand for streaming application for smartphone or tablets.


Step 1: Change your device settings to enable Unkown Sources. Go to Settings -> Security -> Unkown Sources.

Step 2: Download latest working Mobdro.APK file from the below link.

Step 3: Once the download was completed then go to the download location and tap on it to open and click on INSTALL button.

Step 4: Wait for few seconds to complete the installation. Now, successfully installed it on your android device. That’s it.


How to get Premium Version?


There are no two different apps for both Premium and free version. First, downloaded apk will be the Free version, if you want to download to Pro version then easily switch from Free to Premium directly from inside the app. It normally costs 2.99€ a year. You will get more assistive and beautiful while watching. See below screenshot for the better idea.


Download Mobdro Premium Apk and Android Apk free

Download Mobdro Premium Apk and Android Apk free


Download link of Mobdro apk :


Latest 2.0.46 Version : For Download mobdro apk 2017 Click here

Latest 2.0.44 Version:  For Download mobdro apk 2017  Click Here


Download mobdro-2.0.42.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.38.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.36.apk
Download mobdro-2.0.30.apk
Download mobdro-2.0.28.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.26.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.24.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.22.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.20.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.19.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.17.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.16.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.15.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.14.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.12.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.10.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.9.apk 
Download mobdro-2.0.4.apk 
Download mobdro-1.2.446.apk 
Download mobdro-1.2.444.apk 
Download mobdro-1.2.442.apk 
Download mobdro-1.2.432.apk 
Download mobdro-1.2.211.apk 
Download mobdro-1.2.210.apk 



Premium version of Mobdro Apk:

When you upgrade Mobdro to the premium version, you will get much more added features. If you want the best quality of streaming, then you should upgrade it to the premium version. Upgrading it to premium version doesn’t require much amount of money, and in return, you will get many attractive features such as-


Ad Free:

The most irritating thing we face while streaming any video is pop ups of ads. In the free version the ads always pop up, but when you upgrade it to the premium version, you will get an ad-free experience of streaming videos. An ad-free video looks more convenient and clean.

Video downloading:

Downloading our favorite videos and watch them, again and again, saves a lot of our data. Not only this we can watch them when we don’t have access to the internet. Only with the premium version of Mobdro Apk, we will be able to download all the videos for free.

Chromecast Support:

Only a few video streaming app comes with Chromecast support. Once you upgrade it to the premium version, it will support Chromecast. You will be able to watch your favorite videos on a big screen.


Sleep Timer:

When you upgrade it to the premium version, you can set the sleep timer and fall asleep while watching any video without worrying about the battery. Once the video is over, the app will close automatically and will save your battery.



Mobdro for iPhone/iPad & its Alternatives


Mobdro for iOS: A world of free listed videos is not a click away. All you need to do is, install Mobdro for iPhone iPad without spending a single penny from your pocket. Mobdro is a new application which enables the user to view and download surplus videos.

All TV channels are accessible via Mobdro program for free of cost. Only the data charges are applicable for streaming videos by the ISP you are using.


Mobdro is also available at the online sources for android, blackberry and windows phone. The most exciting thing about the Mobdro application is that it has easy tools, search engine, showcase latest movie trailers and broadcast almost every serial which is latest and legendry. Hence, you can also enjoy file sharing facility through Mobdro software.

Well, in the present scenario almost everything is accessible through the internet platform. Smartphone applications are so many that usually people gets confused that which one to download for the common purposes.

Moreover, HotStar and other HD channel streaming smartphone apps are developed by the time, but still the significance of Mobdro is quite acceptable all over the world for iPhone and iPad operating system. Now, when you are convinced with the credibility of the TV channel broadcasting application, the time has come when


Mobdro for iPhone/iPad/iOS Devices :

Firstly, the Mobdro  is not applicable for the iOS but it is available with other name called MovieTime++ & Movie Box. These applications are available on iTunes apple store officially so you don’t have to change any settings in the privacy section.

Without jailbreak you can access the installation file of the application. However, by paying $0.99 you can get full version of the application which is more fruitful to own than a free version.


Now, download vShare app store on your iOS device so that you can proceed with the downloading process. Access link for downloading the App Store.

You will be requested to select any one option from the list of two categories. Choose amongst un jailbreak or jailbreak whichever your phone version is demanding.


Click on the option “ Install” from the emerged popup link
After the successful installation process you are supposed to go to home page of the vShare.


Search for the Movie Box application and click on install option
The file size is not big enough so you can install it completely within few seconds.

Either continue with the free version for trail or directly purchase full version of the application from the same source.
What all you can Watch by Download Mobdro for iOS Devices:

After downloading Mobdro for iPad iPhone you will be able to watch all latest HD enabled TV channels on the updated version of the Smartphone. YouTube videos, movies, sports, podcasts, news channels all are broadcasted without buffering or any kind of hindrance. Its interface is very smooth and functions extremely fast than other TV channel streaming apps.


Free Download Mobdro For Kodi 2017. 


In this article, I will be talking about how to install Mobdro video add-on on Kodi. This tutorial will let you do it very quickly. I will explain the steps to get that Mobdro addon to Kodi with a lot of images. Just follow them and get that plugin right to your XBMC latest version called Kodi.


Mobdro video add-on for kodi is just like Mobdro application on Android but the downloading procedure is quite different compared to Android. There are other apps like mobdro you can go for in case you need any of them. If you would like to watch free internet videos on Windows Computer or Laptop, then visit this article. Get this into your iOS devices right now.


For Guidance of Mobdro IPTV Addon for Kodi (Older Interface) Click here 


Tutorial for Addon to Live Tv and Videos


First, open your Kodi 17.1 Krypton and tap on Settings.


Mobdro for Kodi 17


Now, tap on System settings.


Mobdro kodi not working


Then, tap on Add-on and select Unknown sources to enable. By enabling this setting, you will allow your Kodi Krypton to install the unknown sources or any third party application.

latest version of mobdro for kodi



Return back to the main menu (home screen) and click on Settings.

Mobdro Kodi Review


And select File manager.


Mobdro Kodi Krypton

Now, move your cursor down and tap on Add source.


Mobdro Kodi error check log

A new window will pop-up and tap on None.


Mobdro Kodi Install

By tapping None, you will be asked to enter the paths.
Enter the path URL as and name it as Mobdro Kodi 17.1.


Mobdro Kodi Krypton Install

Then hit OK.
Now, go back to home screen and select Add-ons.

Mobdro Kodi 2017 Review

Then move your cursor to the top of screen and select Add-ons/ Add-ons browser


Mobdro Kodi Krypton not working

You will a new window there and select Install from zip file


Mobdro Kodi 17.3 not working

And tap on Mobdro Kodi 17.1


Mobdro Kodi 17.3 Error

Then select to install AH Add-on repository on your Kodi 17.1.


Mobdro Not working 2017

Once the installation completes, you will see a notification as shown below.


Mobdro kodi Firestick

Then, select install from repository


How to Install mobdro on kodi 17.3

And tap on AH Add-on repository.


Mobdro IPTV Guidance

Now, select Video add-ons.


Mobdro on Kodi 16.1

Finally, select Mobdro to install.


Mobdro On Kodi Box

To start the installation, select Install button


Mobdro On Kodi 17.1 error

Click the Mobdro version that you need


Kodi log uploader error

If the installation process completes, you will get notified on the screen.


Mobdro Installation failed kodi

Return back to home screen and select Add-ons.


Mobdro 2017 not working on kodi

Then select Mobdro.


Mobdro Kodi Krypton 2017 not working

You have successfully installed Mobdro on Kodi 17.1 Krypton
Start streaming movies, music, channels, news, sports, animals, and much more.


Mobdro on kodi